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13 November
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Well. Ah'm 20. Studying Sociology and Criminology at Stirling Uni. I work part time as a leisure attendant. I live in Glasgow when I'm not at uni.
Music. I love music. Punk, indie, ska, rock. Big Counting Crows fan. Love the manics. I play bass and drums, and wanna learn how to play loadsa other stuff. I've been introduced to a guy called Gavin DeGraw recently, and his stuff is really starting to grow on me.
I like reading, mostly crime-ish books. Been reading a lot of Patricia Cornwells stuff recently. I'm a bit of a magazine addict too, which is probably why I'm always skint!
Chillings good. Dossing about with people you know you can have a laugh with. Being in good company. Socialising, basically... :p